Pre-Order Your Spring Plants Now; It's A Healthy Hobby

The long winter months have green thumbs itching to get back in the yard.

Gardening is great exercise.

But winter's not over yet. So now is a great time to plan ahead.

The OSU Extension Office is taking pre-orders for spring flowers and plants.

To see the list, we've set up a newslink to the right of this story.

In addition, they've also got horticulture classes every Tuesday starting in April.

Organizers say, it's a healthy hobby.

Horticulturalist Brian Jervis says, "Well we get a lot of hand-motor coordination when we're out there pulling weeds. Ya know just being outside, not being couch potatoes, getting them outside. And whether you doing work or not, they're looking at plants, they're looking at the flowers, they're looking at different things outside. Instead of sitting at home on the couch not doing stuff . They're off the couch outside."

In the Fall, the OSU Extension Office also offers 15 week course to become a Master Gardener.

They help out all over the community, at schools and senior centers.

For more information call 918-746-3701.