Preparing For Fires And Other Diasters

On 358th west avenue....some houses are still standing while others are gone...this used to be an almost 1 thousand square foot home, it's ashes, twisted metal and broken glass. Families were ordered to evacuate Friday evening, but for lisa cook, shock settled in. {}"I would have been further ahead if someone would have come up and slapped me upside the head and said come out of it and get what you truly need."Lisa Cook grabbed a few important papers, and photographs still thinking her home would be spared.{}We're going to be back here tomorrow, no big deal, I'm not taking all this stuff because, I'm going to be back tomorrow bringing all this stuff back. 4;00{}About 36 hours later, Lisa learned she's lost everything.{}"{}Now I look back, because you think, if I'd only known that was going to be the last time that I walked out of that house, I would have grabbed everything, but it's going to be okay it really is. God's got my back, He's going to restore this."{}{}Preparing for these kind of disasters can save you in the long run.{}"{}Mortgage paperwork, items for your home, insurance verification," says Matt Lay.{}All items you need the day after a fire or any disaster"{}At least gives you something to start from, until you can get your hands on original and you have to evacuate."Lisa has insurance but the contents of her home are not covered, so her family will be out of several thousand dollars. stile she sees a miracle in all of this ....a sign commemorating her son, a mannford football player...that's untouched.{}"{}Not a singe mark, not an ash, there was ash blowing everywhere, there was ash blowing in my car and I'm thinking this sign isn't faded, it isn't burnt, it isn't anything."{}{}