Preparing for Hail Storms

It's unpredictable the damage mother nature can cause to your car or home, but there are a couple of steps you can take before disaster occurs.

"Hail is very serious if it impacts you or your home," said John Wiscaver who is the Vice President of Public Affairs for the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance

Hail storms can shatter you car windows or destroy your home's rooftop.

"Statistically the most hail and wind events happen in a corridor that encompasses most of the state of Oklahoma. We are right in the middle of the most prone area for hail damage," Wiscaver said.

Just last year there were 608 hail events in Oklahoma That's a 15 percent increase from 2012.

"Always be aware and stay diligent of what you need to do to keep you and your family safe and where you can do things to mitigate and potentially lessen the chance of having damage," Wiscaver said.

Hail damage can cost you thousands of dollars depending on your coverage. Wiscaver said it's imperative to know what's covered in your car and home insurance before severe weather hits.

For example if you only have personal liability and property damage on you car insurance policy you will not be covered for hail damage. Instead you need comprehensive coverage.

"If you do have insurance have a loss has occurred, you need to get in touch with your insurance carrier as quickly as possible. Notify them so you can get the claim process started," Wiscaver said.

Remember always take a picture or video of your car or home damage because you may need it later. If you file an auto claim and are approved by your insurance company, make sure you get a written guarantee of the work performed by the repair shop.