Preventing Pests Before the Fall Cool Down with Some Simple Tips

This weekend's cooler weather could send more pests trying to get into your homes.

OSU Extension's Brian Jervis said this summer's dry, hot weather means more bugs to deal with this time of year. He said you can expect to see more scorpions, spiders, Asian beetles, ants, roaches, and box elder bugs. However, he said this surge is not necessarily abnormal.

"Every time this time of year, once we get ready for winter, the insects are getting ready for winter also, so they're sensing that they need to do a little bit of adjustment to get prepared for the cold weather," said Jervis. That means trying to head indoors.

Jervis said it is important to caulk any open crevices in your house to prevent the critters from getting in. He said stocking up on roach and ant bait could help if the critters get inside. Also, Jervis recommends going after box elder bugs with soapy water, then sweeping them up with a vacuum or broom.

One homeowner Channel 8 spoke with said she is having trouble with ants. She said she uses Windex on them. She and several others near Brookside said they have had trouble with rats. Jervis said rats are also, potentially, a seasonal problem.

If you have any questions about pests, you may call the OSU Extension Center at 918-746-3709.