Pro Sports Nutritionist Says Honey Is The Best Sweetener

These days there's a lot of confusion about sweeteners, because there seems to be an endless number of options.But we spoke with a nutritionist for two pro teams, who has one answer.She says if you keep it simple, you can't lose.Mitzi Dulan says honey is the best choice.It's all natural, unprocessed and only contains 1-ingredient.Honey is also the simplest form of sugar, so it's easily digested.Dulan works for the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs.She says whether it's a pro athlete or an ordinary person, honey will provide energy that keeps you from having energy ups and down throughout the day. It will work great, as long as your food includes carbohydrates and proteins.She recommends things like Greek yogurt with honey, or peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches.Dulan says honey only has 64 calories per tablespoon. So it's a value when it comes to food value.In baking you can use it and save calories because honey is so sweet.