Progress Is Still Being Made To Put Water In The River

Another plan is being prepared to put water in the Arkansas River.

It will go before the voters in the city of Tulsa.

While two county-wide votes have failed, it's believed there's enough support in the city to move forward.

Some preparations for river improvements have continued despite the losses at the polls.

Seed money for river development was part of the vision 2025 plan.

So work has continued, to build for low water dams in Sand Springs and South Tulsa.

There's also been a lot of work done to make major improvements to the Zink Lake dam.

The Project Management Group is under contract with Tulsa County to make those preparations.

The program manager says it just makes sense to take the steps that are necessary for the future.

60% of the voters backed river work in Vision 2025, so they're doing all they can with the money that's available

PMG's, Gaylon Pinc, says the next big step would be an environmental impact statement for the Army Corp of Engineers.

It's a major undertaking that includes everything from hydrology to archeology and endangered species.

The other major obstacle would be dam design.

But if the voters approve, it wouldn't take long to carry out the river plan.

Pinc says we could have water on a full-time basis in just 3 or 4 years.