Prom Safety: Don't Drink and Drive

State Troopers Patrol on Prom Night

Oklahoma State Troopers say they will not tolerate students who drink and drive prom night. They will saturate Tulsa highways, Saturday night.

The prom is all students are talking about. What students need to know is that schools will not tolerate those who drink and come to the prom and neither will law enforcement.

Students at Booker T. Washington high school have been showing off pictures of prom dresses and hairstyles, preparing for the prom.

Everyone seems to have a plan to party and a plan to stay safe. State Troopers have promised to put 12 extra patrol cars on the road, Saturday night. Their goal is stop anyone driving too fast, anyone not paying attention, who may be under the influence.

They don't want to see the night end in tragedy, like they have witnessed before. " A lot of kids are seniors, graduating in a few weeks and they have big plans lined up for their future which include college and a career. And if you want to put that on hold for one minute or a drink , I don't think that is a good decision," said Capt. George W. Brown, State Trooper.

"What's my policy? Don't drink and drive don't do it at all. If someone comes to me trying to drink while I'm hanging out with them, I'm just like absolutely not, no way," said Melanie Evans, who happens to be the daughter of a supervising police detective.

Teens should know they will spend 6 hours, at the minimum in the booking area of jail, if found to be under the influence. As for the prom they will have their parents called, and sent home.