Property Argument Leads To Fatal Shooting

The car was sitting in the front yard of Jerome Jones. And sitting in the car was a man who had just died from being shot.

"I have no words. I've never been in a situation like this before," said Jones.

Police say the incident began halfway down the block where 26 year-old Jonta Perry used to live and had returned to get some of his belongings when things turned sour with the current resident. Witnesses say they saw Perry choking and beating the man and then went to his car. Authorities say the man was worried Perry was going for a weapon, and opened fire.

"Obviously he's dying in the car, and the car wrecks into several houses and cars," said TPD Detective Dave Walker."It looks like he ran through my neighbor's yard before he got to my truck," said Jones.

Authorities say they found a gun in Perry's pocket. Police have questioned and released the man who allegedly shot him.

"I'll pray for the victim's family and everything," said Jones.
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