Proposed OKPOP Museum One Step Closer to Reality

In the heart of the Brady District, at Boston and Archer, the area could soon take on a whole new look and feel with the addition of the Oklahoma Museum of Pop Culture. And, it has plenty of support from people in the neighborhood.

"There's been so much enthusiasm for the revitalization of downtown and that would just be another wonderful feather in Tulsa's cap, to have here," said Tulsa resident, Shirley Elliott.

The museum would put the spotlight on Oklahoma's contributions to popular culture with commitments already in place from artists like Garth Brooks.

"It's key to Tulsa, but more importantly, it's key to the State of Oklahoma," said Nick Doctor with the Tulsa Regional Chamber. He says, the Brady Arts District would be the perfect setting for this type of development. "The Brady District, downtown, is bubbling up so well right now, in terms of its arts and culture there with the Ah Ha Museum and other things. It's just such a complimentary environment that we know it's going to be able to succeed there."

Aside from the draw of the collections on display, the museum would bring in a projected $17.6 million in it's first year for the city. It would also create 400 permanent, new jobs.

With nothing similar in the region, many think Tulsa needs to jump at the opportunity. "It's just another thing we really need to move Tulsa forward," added Elliott.

The decision is now turned over to a house committee for a vote, next week.