Storm Forming Over Proposed PSO Rate Hike

Letters are being drafted to the corporation commission about PSO's proposed rate hike. Among them one from State Representative Eric Proctor who calls an eleven percent hike bad for business.

"It's going to be very damaging for jobs in Tulsa," says Representative Eric Procter who serves on the House Energy and Aerospace Committee in the State House.

"This going to amount to employees not being rehired, jobs not being created and potentially people being laid off," says State Representative Eric Proctor of Tulsa.

But it's not just the commercial customers facing higher electric bills.

"We're living on social security only and that's it, period boom," says Robert Pringer who opposes a hike.

Robert and Patricia Pringer both have health issues but if you ask them what really makes them sick they'll tell you.

They keep raising everything, cable everything, food. Where are we supposed to go what are we supposed to eat and what I think about is we're kind of lucky is that we own our house so we don't have to worry about all those people who don't have it," says an emotional Patricia Pringer who opposes a PSO hike.

Here's PSO's response. It says it must pass on its higher costs of doing business.

"We recognize completely, that many of our customers face financially and that's why we've worked very, very hard to come up with the lowest cost alternative, but again there is not a do nothing option," says Stan Whiteford with PSO."

"AEP-PSO had 60 percent more profit this last year than the previous year. They're near two billion dollars in profits.

It doesn't make sense especially to the Pringers.

"That's crazy. Who come up with this 11 percent raise? That is crazy," says Robert Pringer.

PSO's request will be heard by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in April. If you want your voice to be heard the time to respond to is now. To call the Corporation Commission the phone number is 405-521-2211 or in Tulsa, 918-581-2296.