Protestors Petition Dept. of Justice to Allow American Airlines Merger

A recent intervention by the U.S. Justice Department, came in the form of a lawsuit, aiming to put a stop to the merger of American Airlines and U.S. Airways.

The Transport Workers Union Local 514 held a protest Thursday in downtown Tulsa, gathering over 8,000 signatures for a petition to deliver to the Justice Department in Tulsa.

The government claims the merger would be bad for consumers, cutting down on competition in the already-narrowing field of commercial air carriers.

Those protesting Thursday say, blocking the merger is what would hurt competition.

Many in attendance hoped for what they believe would keep Tulsa's largest private sector employer, up and running.

"We want to be allowed to play by the same rules and we believe that merging with U.S. Air is our best way forward, to compete with United and Delta, not only in the national market, but in the international, and we all believe that by doing that, it'll help save jobs here in Tulsa," said an American Airlines representative.

The Union is also requesting that Attorney General Eric Holder meet with TWU members to discuss the topic.

American Airlines and U.S. Airways have both said, the merger would not affect consumer air fares.