PSO Customers Have Trouble Logging Rate Hike Comments

The Corporation Commission is supposed to be the place people call to voice their complaints about rate hikes. But some customers they tell us they don't feel they're being heard. Everything seems to be going up. PSO Customer Mary Bozworth wants to stop a proposed 11 percent rate hike. So, she recently called the corporation commission.

"They put me on hold for 30 minutes and then I said this is long enough this is long distance and I said I need to go. I said would you at least pass the word along."

PSO wants a rate hike to cover new environmental compliance costs. We asked Bozworth to demonstrate reaching out to the corporation commission so she called again.

"Yes, this is Mary Bozworth and I was just calling to see if I could speak to Bob Anthony, Dan Murphy, or Patricia Douglas about the PSO rate hike?"

She was told they were in a meeting and talked to a secretary.

"They're being given the run around, they're making long distance phone calls and they're being placed on hold, they're being transferred to attorney's, says Representative Eric Proctor.

He became aware of the problem from his constituents.

"That's how I heard about people who were frustrated is they called my cell phone. They were able to get a hold of me directly and that's the way that it should be.

A spokesman for the corporation commission acknowledges problems with the phones and says public comments are welcome through email and snail mail and will go into a public file and given to each commissioner.

You can comment directly to the Commissioners as well:

Phone - 405-521-2211

If someone has a question about the case, they can Matt Skinner directly at 405-521-4180.