New Rapid Bus Service Included in Tulsa Capital Improvements Package

City officials are hoping to gather support from area residents Monday evening to update Tulsa's public transportation system.

City Councilors G. T. Bynum and Blake Ewing will be joined by INCOG representatives for a public forum at All Souls Unitarian Church. It's there that they will discuss the Peoria Bus Rapid Transit Project.

According to the release, the new plans come as a part of the Improve Our Tulsa capital improvements package, which currently sits at $918.7 million dollars. And it's $15,000 of that money that will be appropriated to the proposed bus system.

Previous reports from KTUL state that 65.1 percent of the money in the capital improvements package will go to update Tulsa streets and bridges.

Those interested in listening and providing commentary can attend the meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. James Wagner, Transportation Projects Coordinator for INCOG, said the Bus Rapid Transit Project would be along Peoria from 38th Street North till 81t and Lewis. It will make buses come to 36 new stations every 15 minutes. Also, the new stations would be safer and easier to get to."The bus right now basically stops anywhere you want it to. So, we would consolidate those stops down to 36 locations, so it would work like a light rail system in larger cities, you know, if you are at that station it will be there every 15 minutes ," Wagner said. The changes would add five more buses to this route and ten more drivers. The hours the buses run would also extend to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.