Puppy Discovered in Trash, Saved by QuikTrip Employee

QT's a place where the phrase "pit stop" comes to mind. Get some gas, grab a donut, maybe a dog. But sometime during the darkness of the wee hours of the morning...

"Appalled really, like how do you do this?" asked employee Kyle Williams.

Someone, took the phrase pit stop..

"I don't know what would be going through their head, drugs maybe?" said Rich Hanks.

And twisted it into cruelty.

"A live animal in a trash can," said Williams.

Officially, she doesn't have a name yet.

"My first thought was QT," said Hanks.

A roughly 10 week old pit bull, discovered by an employee emptying one trash can into another.

"Stopped himself cause he heard the whining from the puppy," said Williams.

Mired in filth, the freezing fur ball was rescued from the refuse.

"He had that dog right up here just covered in trash juice," said Williams.

"There was frost on the tips of its fur right here, and coming down the ear," said Hanks.

Rich Hanks, a customer who never thought his pit stop would turn literal when he saw the discovery. His outrage prompted him to take the dog right then and there.

"I would like to know who they were so I could put them in a trash can for the night in the freezing cold and see how they like it," he said.

Its an act that spurs anger and disbelief at what someone could have possibly been thinking

"And was like, 'Hey lets take it to the nearest Quik Trip, put it in the trash can,' like man, I'm pretty sure we have pounds for that.

Speaking of which...

"Hello," said Jean Letcher, director of Tulsa Animal Welfare, saying hi to a dog, and actually uttering the following phrase for people out there who amazingly don't know better.

"Animals are not disposable, they're living beings," she said.

And they can be dropped off for free at the shelter and at least given half a chance.

"Possibly they can be adopted out to a family, or if not, then humanely euthanized, and not thrown in the trash, suffering from the cold, from starvation or dehydration," she said.

Meanwhile, back at QT, a wobbly puppy is lucky to be alive, and Rich got more than he bargained for.

"I just stopped for a donut, came out with a pit," he smiled.