Putting the Sportsmanship Back In Youth Sports

These days we don't have to look far, to find examples of bad behavior in the sports world.

The practice of sportsmanship seems to be disappearing.

To help change things Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN Analyst Desmond Howard is working with a new project.

It's intended to get more kids involved with team sports and good values.

Howard says, "I think its very to understand that kids can learn very important life lessons in team sports."

So he's joining the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Buffalo Wild Wings, to up to fund 1600 tackle and flag football teams with clubs nationwide.

It's called, Team Up For Kids.

The goal is to help them learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, accountability and accomplishing goals.

Howard says we see for too many stories about parents fighting each other, at little league or youth hockey games.

"We don't need our kids to see that at any age. We need to get our kids back on track early."

Howard also says he hopes people will contact the web site of Team Up For Kids and support the effort.