Tulsa Mayor Race Heats Up

The ads are on the airwaves, and the yard signs are mostly in yards, both of which are expected, which leaves the candidates trying to come up with unexpected ways to reach your eyeballs.

"We want to reach people where they are," said Kathy Taylor.

And if you've been on YouTube lately, her ad has probably popped up on whatever video you were watching.

"It's not expensive, it's very efficient, and gets a segment of the population that gets most of their information from a computer," she said.

Meanwhile, if you've headed downtown to take in a Driller's game recently...

"You know, you look up there and this is actually from some of our young professionals that wanted to go up and really," said Bartlett campaign manager Dan Patten.

Really grab attention in a different way, although the Bartlett campaign also adheres to the fundamentals.

"The old tried and true methods are still, you know, knocking doors and making phone calls, those are still the most proven methods in politics," he said.

One of the not so proven methods of campaigning, although certainly attention grabbing, is the strategy of Bill Christiansen supporter Paul Tay.

"It's not going to hurt him, more than anything else, it's going to help him," said Tay.

And that's kind of up for debate cause Christiansen told Paul in a phone call today that...

"He's getting angry calls from motorists thinking that I'm blocking traffic," said Tay.

And road rage isn't exactly the association you want made with your campaign sign; not that he's been told to stop.

"He didn't ask me to stop, he said, just say that I'm not part of the campaign," laughed Tay.

Meanwhile, back on YouTube, Kathy Taylor is even popping up over Dewey Bartlett. Some might call that rude. Some might call that shrewd.

"I have appeared on the city hall web site I know that. Someone sent me a screen shot of it," smiled Taylor.