Rainy Day Highlights Capital Improvement Needs

Amongst the sights in the Gilcrease Museum Gift Shop are the unsightly sights of water stains.

"Roofs are important to museums because we've got fine art and artifacts here, priceless really and we need to protect them," said museum communications manager Melani Hamilton.

If the Capital Improvement Plan passes, the museum would get $1.5 million for roof repair and replacement, with the historical house next door, the one with visibly rusted tiles, receiving $175,000 of its own.

"Thomas Gilcrease lived in the house when he was alive and so it's got some damage just like probably everybody's roofs in Oklahoma after hail and wind damage," she said.

Meanwhile, city wide, some $3 million is earmarked for other inspections, assessments and repairs for various city facilities. On top of that is money to fix a leaking roof for the police department. And one drama the Performing Arts Center doesn't want to host? Cat on a Hot Leaky Roof.

"Our current roof is 15 years old and so far is holding well," said director John Scott.

But with just a few years left on it's life expectancy, he's looking at preventative maintenance.

"While today during the inclement weather we're not having any particular issues, at some point in the future, we still will need to replace the roof," he said.