LIVE VIDEO UPDATE: Random Act Of Kindness: Brenda Meets Her Recipient

Our Random Act of Kindness series continues with a focus on giving.

KTUL received a call from Brenda who said she met a woman that she'd like to help, but she couldn't do it alone.

She first saw the stranger walking on the side of the road early one cold morning while carrying her young son.

Brenda asked her if she needed a ride and the woman said she already was at her son's daycare. Brenda later learned that the woman works two jobs and can't afford a car.

Channel 8 spoke with Blossom Child Care Center in Sand Springs and they gave us some ideas how we could help this woman.

KTUL combined a small donation from Brenda and money donated from Channel 8 viewers.

She and Kristin Dickerson went on a shopping spree, and in thirty minutes, they purchased around 10 boxes of diapers, a stroller, and snacks for the woman's 2-year-old son. Wednesday night when the woman picked up her son from daycare, she received her gifts. We'll be learning more about this mystery woman in the coming days.

You can nominate someone for a Random Act of Kindness by emailing