Random Acts of Kindness - Gas Tank Edition

It's a number normally associated with a magnum, which is what it feels like when you get in the wallet trying to pay for gas.

"It's killing people who have to drive to work," said Jane Senard.

"It's breaking us, I mean it's ridiculous," said Lee Otis.

"Well it's very difficult because I live on a fixed income," said Patricia Jett.

Remember when hitting the road was something to look forward to?

"Being disabled and in a wheelchair, our main source of entertainment is going for drives, we normally do that a couple times a week, but with these prices we can only do it like once a month," said Mike Minor.

For many people, the days of actually uttering the phrase fill 'er up are long gone.

"With gas prices this high, honestly I can't afford to just fill up, so I put enough gas in there just to go where I'm going and then I park it, and I'm never joy riding or going nowhere extra or anywhere I'm always going right to my destination," said DeJuan Shaw.

A few folks were putting in $10 dollars, which buys you...

"2.8 gallons for $10, it's ridiculous," said Lee Otis.

"Couple of trips to pick up the grand kids and that'll be gone," said Patricia Jett.

Mark Clark will be driving an even shorter distance, given that he scrounged up $4.06.

"That's all I can afford. And what did it actually buy you? A gallon and one and 3/10ths," he said.

Of course, not everyone is wincing every time they go to a gas station.

"How are gas prices affecting you? They don't bother me a bit," said one man.

And good for you sir, but for the folks who are feeling the burn...

It'd be great if somebody was just passing out gas cards, you know, like $50, that'd be nice. "I don't know that that would ever happen," said Jane Senard.

"You jive, is this for real? That's for you it's our Random Act of Kindness. Oh, all right then," said Mark Clark.

"Thank you, thank you very much," Patricia Jett.

"Well praise the Lord, praise the Lord on that," Charles Wilson.

"Ooh, thank, this is a blessing I can't believe it," said DeJuan Shaw.

"You made my day," Jane Senard.

"8's the place!" Said Mike Minor.

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