Rape Charges Filed for Man Accused of Kidnapping Girl

Michael Slatton

First degree rape charges were filed this week against a man accused of kidnapping a girl from an east Tulsa apartment complex playground.

Officers placed Michael Slatton into custody last week after the 8-year-old girl was reported missing beginning a search for her that ended in Sapulpa. Prosecutors allege that he is the man behind the incident charging him with kidnapping, first degree rape and child abuse by injury.

Previous reports from KTUL state that Slatton took the girl when she was playing on the apartment's swing set. Officers were given a description of his vehicle by the children on the playground.

Tulsa Police began their search for her activating an Amber Alert. He was found in a wooded area near Sapulpa after a brief chase with an officer.

Records indicate that Slatton is a convicted sex offender for a crime he was arrested for in Rogers County.

A court appearance has not been scheduled at this time.

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