Rapist Fears Spur Protection Blitz

At Midtown hardware, the composite sketch has been posted near the front door."Somebody out there knows this guy," said Bob Savage. The rack for their window alarms is sold out. And their bug spray?"We have sold a couple cases since Saturday," he said. It's long distance reach putting it in high demand as protection from people, not pests."It shoots 20 feet, and the chemical in it will blind somebody almost immediately temporarily, long enough for you to make an escape and lock yourself in the bathroom or get out the front door or whatever," he said. Meanwhile over at 2A shooting center..."Lot of ladies coming in here, lot of new ladies coming in here trying guns," said Robert Jerome. As the attacks of the rapist have increased, so have gun sales to the tune of 25%."Our training has increased, it was kind of a lull now we have a lot of training, a lot of women coming in getting training asking about training," said Jerome. And speaking of being busy..."Usually this time of year its fairly slow," said Aaron Bacon of Advance Alarms.They're getting calls from folks dusting off that dormant alarm system."Most of it's just, 'How do I use it again?' Just retraining. 'How do I turn it on when I'm home so I'm not setting off motion detectors,' things like that," he said. Meanwhile, back at Midtown Hardware."I can't even think of al the things I've done, said Lisa, who came in with a home protection list."A lock for my fuse box, some house keys, some boards to board up a couple of places around my window air conditioner, and some light bulbs for the porch," she said. A city under stress, but at the same time, coming together to battle against the darkness."It's actually creating more community, which is an odd thing," she said.