Experts Discuss Tulsa's Healthy Real Estate Market

The signs are up and out there, not just the for sale signs, the signs of a housing market recovery.

"More of the fear is gone, and more excitement is in the air for real estate," said Paul Wheeler of Accent Realtors. He had his busiest year ever last year, and this year isn't slowing down.

"The buyer pool is getting bigger, and we're seeing more buyer activity," he said.

Buyers like John Wolfkill.

"In fact, we looked at our first home this weekend, yesterday," he said.

With a wife and 2 kids, the last time they bought a home was 2006. Why now?

"We look at where the rates are, and they're going to probably start inching up slowly, so it's a great time to buy where interest rates are so low and money is really cheap," he said.

That enthusiasm is moving sales quicker, with homes on the market for nearly five days less than they were a year ago. As for home values, the rebound on that is a little slower.

"And then it came down and now we're bouncing around at just about, the values from 10 years ago, no kidding, no kidding, 2003 levels," said Wheeler.

Still, when compared with other regions of the country...

"It's a different market, prices are much higher of course," said Hubert Gardner. He recently moved from Maryland.

"Homes there if you could find a house for less than $300,000 you're doing extremely well and the $300,000 wasn't going to get you a lot," he said.

The T-town housing market for 2013, off to the races for buyers, with realtors trying to keep up.

"We're at 150% of our goal, so far for the first two months," said Wheeler.