Realistic New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Day means most people will say they want to improve their lives. It could be spending more time with family or getting out of debt, but most people will try to lose weight and it might not be only about how many weights we lift.

Experts say the type and amount of food you eat can add to 80 percent of your weight loss. Experts at Sky Fitness and Wellbeing said there is one food group that pretty much everyone needs to add more to their diet.

"They definitely need to up the vegetables, especially in Oklahoma. We are meat and potatoes all the way. We usually don't get enough vegetables. With that being said, you don't have to completely give up the meat and other food items, that should just be a main focus," said Jenni Kluf, Nutrition Service Director.

Klufa says most people will make the mistake of going from one extreme to another.

"They will be unrealistic. Say, if they are eating fast food three days a week for three meals a day, they will say, 'I am never going to eat fast food again,'" said Klufa.

Klufa says you have to start small with your goals. You can't think that within just one month you will lose all the weight you want. She says it takes time and you have to be consistent. If you have a bad day, then make sure you get up the next day and start over. Weight loss is also about how motivated you are. So, the best advice is to make sure you have a person that will keep you in check.

"You want to have someone that will actually hold you accountable. It works well if you can hold them accountable as well," said Klufa.

She says that fresh vegetables are the best for your diet, but you can use frozen vegetables. At Sky Fitness and Wellbeing, they will offer nutrition classes for free to anyone throughout the month of January.