Reasor's NuVal System Points Customers In a Healthy Direction

Living great means eating right!

And that means more time reading labels at the grocery store. But that can get pretty confusing.

So now, Reasor's is making it super easy for you.

They're actually giving your food a rating based on its health value.

It's called NuVal and here's how it works.

Reasor's uses an equation averaging the good and the bad.

A one rating being the worst and 100.. the best.

Michelle Molton is the only registered dietician employed by Reasor's.

Molton told, "It's going to have less sodium more than likely. It's going to have less sugar. It will have more vitamins and minerals. More of the things that are really good for you like protein. And you'll have less fats. Maybe healthier fats like, Omega 3s will be more present."

The NuVal system is not designed to help you lose weight. But there is research, it can help cut your risk for heart disease and diabetes.