Reborn Hotel Succeeding on 11th St.

In recent years there's been a lot of attention paid to the rebirth of downtown but other parts of the city are being brought back to life.

There's a lot of renovation work being done on Eleventh{}Street just west of the University of Tulsa campus.

I may not look like it right now but there's plenty {}of activity in the area.

For example an old hotel has been brought back to life and the developers hope to bring the entire neighborhood right along with them.

Group M Investments bought the old Campbell building near Delaware and decided to return it to the building's glory days of the 1920s.

It's now called the Campbell Hotel and it has a unique look because it was the site of this year's Designer Showcase.

The public spaces and rooms were all decorated by the best in the business in this area.

The themes range for a TU room to Route 66.

In recent months they've added a spa and a bar is the next item on the project list.

Aaron Meek of Group M, says they've also purchased the next block to the west to open retail space.

They think the area has a bright future.

Hotel Events Manager Jennifer Cravens says they're very pleased with the amount of event traffic they've had.

Cravens says she believes they're in it for the long run.

Rooms run from $139 to $179 a night.