Recent Poll Finds Majority of Americans in the Political 'Center'

With or without a deal, as the sun set on the 16th day of the government shutdown Wednesday, frustration continued to grow. With the results of a resent poll showing the majority of Americans fall into a middle category, known as the 'American Center' - outside of Republican or Democratic party lines - could a new political party be what Washington needs?

A recent poll shows the majority of Americans surveyed fall into the so-called 'American Center', holding ideals that pull from both sides of the aisle, but do not align with one party or another.

It begs the question in today's political climate - Would another party, made up of the 'American Center' change the status quo in Washington?

"It's obviously not working, the way it is. They just keep butting heads but, we're so divisive, anyway, I just don't think a third party would solve that," said one Tulsa resident in the Brady Arts District. "I don't think that very many of us can follow just one path. We have to do something different," said another Tulsan.

Whether another major political party would make a splash or not, the frustration and lack of confidence in the nation's politicians is undeniably present.

The poll results pointed out that those who fell into the 'American Center' were not undecided. They held very decisive opinions on hot button issues, such as abortion and gun rights.