OSBI Adds Staff to Deal With Record Number of Gun Applications

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation received 4,970 new gun applications in January. (File Photo)

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has hired new employees to deal with a record-breaking backlog of gun permit applications.

Gun applications have been increasing in Oklahoma for the past few months, but reached a record high of 4,970 new applications in January.

That is about three times as many new applications as the bureau received in January 2011 and 2012.

Agents refused to comment on the cause in the spike of applications.

"Due to the length of the entire process of getting one's gun license, it is difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint a relationship between a public event and someone applying for a license, e.g. Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, presidential election," read a statement on the bureau's website.

January's applications were even higher than the first few months after the Self Defense law went into effect in 1996.

To cope with the increased new applications as well as a bump in the number of renewals, the bureau has hired new part-time and full time workers and bringing in workers from other divisions.

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