Record Spending for Tulsa Mayoral Race, Report Shows

The state's release of campaign finance numbers in the Tulsa mayoral race shows record spending in the quest for the Mayor's office.

"In the state of Oklahoma, this is pretty unusual to see that kind of campaigning - that kind of money being spent on a mayor's race," said Dr. Michael Hirlinger, Professor and Chairman of the History, Humanities, and Government Department at Oral Roberts University.

The campaign finance reports show record numbers, with Kathy Taylor spending $3.32 million dollars on her campaign and Mayor Dewey Bartlett spending just over $958,000 on the race.

As a political expert, Dr. Hirlinger says, numbers like this, typically do not help public perception of politicians.

"The City of Tulsa's looking at a budget shortfall of $3 million; well, seems to be no problem to go spend $3- to $5 million dollars on a campaign," Hirlinger said.

The big spending raises the question of whether or not either - or both - of the candidates have future political aspirations, beyond Tulsa.

The Tulsa mayoral election is one week from Tuesday, on November 12.