Recovery Continues in Moore Despite Morning Storms

Rain delayed recovery efforts in Moore on Thursday.

Gov. Mary Fallin says despite delays from rain and flashing flooding this morning, recovery efforts are continuing in Moore.

"It's very challenging to see something like this happen to our people, the state of Oklahoma," Fallin said. "Oklahoma people are the best at handling something like this. They're the most generous. They're the most resilient. They're the most courageous."

The governor said she's touched by the outpouring of support from people volunteering to help clean up or donating supplies and money.

Fallin said the state is receiving the support it needs from the federal government and officials are preparing for a visit from President Obama on Sunday.

"That's a good thing for him to do because he needs to understand the magnitude of the disaster here," Fallin said. "We certainly need the help of FEMA to get back on our feet."

Authorities estimate the tornado did about $2 billion in damage.

Power crews from around the country were in Moore today trying to restore power to parts of the city damaged by the tornado. As of Thursday afternoon about 6,000 Oklahoma Gas and Electric company customers in Moore were without power, according to the company's website.