Recovery Efforts Underway in Quapaw After Fatal Tornado

Rescue crews and volunteers are in Quapaw assisting in clean-up efforts Monday.

Sunday's tornado in Ottawa County left one dead and six injured. One of the six injured people remained in the hospital overnight for a broken bone.

Firefighters said they have searched buildings in the area and everyone is accounted for.

The Red Cross has established a shelter at the Quapaw Wellness Center. The organization told Channel 8 it helped about 200 people overnight with food and supplies. One person slept at the shelter.

"We pretty much have what we need. I mean always donations, cash money. That's the best way to help," said Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist Scott Youngblood.

Power companies said they have crews on scene to restore power to the area. Officials confirmed the local school has power.

Authorities are now working on a pick-up plan for debris in the area.

No looting has been reported so far but police in the area are monitoring for it. There are extra patrols present around the clock.

Insurance Commissioner John Doak visited the town Monday morning, vowing to secure checks for the insured promptly and helping prevent fraud.

19 homes took significant damage, 60 had minor damage, six businesses were damaged and the Quapaw Fire Department is a total loss.