Recycling Program is Adding Up For City of Tulsa

If you are making the effort to recycle, it's paying off. The new recycling program is just over a month old now. Tulsa Recycles is reporting that about 90-percent of all customers are recycling.

That means your trash, is becoming the city's treasure. You could say it is raining money all because of recycling. The recycling center shows how items are sorted and sent down chutes. For example, aluminum cans fall down onto a huge pile. A bale of cans could mean about 14-hundred dollars.

"That money will go back into the city and they will use that to help reduce the cost of trash services," said Tom Hill of American Waste Control.

Customers will not feel the savings for a while. The program is just getting started--with American Waste Controls 10-million dollar recycling center.

It's a partnership, that offers the hauling, sorting and selling. Tulsa expects a 30-thousand dollar paycheck for October.

"We were not making any money before. Recycling was a losing effort," explained Eric Lee, of the City of Tulsa.

Now, it appears to be a win. Most customers are recycling and doing it the right way. 98-percent of what you throw in, makes it.

"Someone makes a mistake and they throw the potatoes in with the recycling bin or they throw in something like a garden hose not recyclable," said Hill, who also congratulated Tulsans for their efforts.

Your water bottles, cardboard boxes--and detergent containers are smashed and shaped into squares.

Soon they'll be sold. Mountains of trash are turning into money.

Now they are just asking when you throw water bottles or milk jugs, out, make sure you pour the liquids down the drain, first.