Remembering The 1921 Race Riot

Tulsa now has one more reminder, of the darkest days of this city's history.There's a new historical marker, on the O.S.U. Tulsa campus, for the 1921 race riot.While it was a terrible time, the new landmark also represents what's changed since then.The unveiling ceremony was tied to the loss of more than 300 lives, but it was also an upbeat celebration. There was the feeling, that another step was being taken, to move Tulsa forward and away from the hatreds of that time.Glenda Love, of the O.S.U. Tulsa Board of Trustees, says that progress is important."We're all in a different place and that it is a place of unity."Those involved with the project says its important to understand the past to heal the wounds.The marker is on Franklin Boulevard near Detroit and just north of I-244.It's complimentary to the other historic elements in the neighborhood.Such as the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, that's about 300 yards to the south.The organizers say all Tulsans should visit the marker and the park.They say those who do, are better for that experience.Julius Pegues, of the Franklin Reconciliation Center, says its not an easy job, but we have to learn our city's our history to come close together as a community.