Registered Republicans Increase in Oklahoma as Democrat Voters Decline

Associated Press

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Registered Democrats still outnumber Republicans in Oklahoma, but the latest statistics show the GOP continues to close the gap.

Figures through June 30 and released Thursday by the Oklahoma Election Board show that 44.3 percent of the state's nearly 2 million registered voters were Democrats, compared to 43.4 percent Republicans. Independents make up about 12.3 percent of the electorate.

The total number of registered voters in Oklahoma increased by more than 15,000 since January, and now stands at 1,994,365.

The statistics show a net increase in the number of Republicans and independents, while the number of registered Democrats continues to fall.

In 2000, 57 percent of the state's voters were Democrats, while 35 percent were Republican and 8 percent were independent.