Relay Team Runs OKC Marathon To Remember Victims, Survivors

Sunday morning, thousands of runners gathered in Oklahoma City for the Memorial Marathon.

Runners were not only remembering the victims and survivors of the 1995 bombing, but also were remembering those in the Boston marathon.

Crafton, Tull & Associates sent a relay team because one of their former coworkers died in Boston.

"It brings us together and kind of unites us in a different way with a different purpose other than what we do daily," says employee and relay member Samantha O'Neal. "It's something outside the office that we can put the importance on who was affected from our family and represent him."

She was young in 1995 during the Oklahoma City bombing, and has a different view on it now that she is grown up. "I watched it through my parents eyes," O'Neal says, "being able to give back as i'm older now to people that it affected in a much more tremendous way was much better."

Her teammate, Elli Johannson, says, "It's not just about the physical exercise, you've got a great purpose."

Runners wore red socks to support the Boston victims and survivors. Some who did not finish in Boston were able to run in the Oklahoma City marathon.