Remains Found in North Tulsa Could Give Closure to One Family

Police may be closer to solving a missing person case after finding bones earlier this week.

The Tulsa Police Department found them in a wooded area near 3100 North Gilcrease Museum Road. Detectives have not positively identified the bones yet, but one local family is hopeful it's their loved one.

Khyre Campbell went missing in December. His family said they searched near the area where the bones were found and are ready for some closure.

"It's been a nightmare for all of us. We try to get through each day not thinking about it but hoping we would get the answers we needed," said Khyre's Stepmother Deonna Williams said.

Williams has helped raise Khyre since he was four-years-old and said when she saw the pictures of the skull she knew it was her baby. They are now waiting for the phone call to learn whether they have to continue searching or not.

"I think I am going to start crying again cause somebody else is going to have to live this pain that we are living right now," said Williams.

Williams said they receive tips all the time and the new information is sometimes hard because you don't know if anything will pan out. She said this is the hardest thing their family has been through and has advice for others that may find a loved one missing.

"Stay prayerful, stay hopeful, and stick together cause without us being together, we wouldn't be here," said Williams.

Williams said she is thankful that the boys who found the skull were brave enough to tell their parents because these bones do mean closure for someone's family. She said they are hopeful it's their family and will be waiting and ready for any call that comes.

"We have waited ten months we can wait a few more days," said Williams.

The medical examiner is working on identifying the bones, they are hoping to use dental records to make the identification.