Rent vs. Buy: The List Includes Caskets

Rent versus buy.{}{} Usually that debate deals with houses. But not always. We love to buy brand new... only to dump that once "gotta have" on Craigslist.{}

The consumer blog Budgets Are Sexy came up with four "buys" that you should highly consider switching to "rents" instead.{} Here they are:


  • Tools.{} Have you ever bought some expensive tool, like a chainsaw, but only use it a couple of times?{} Instead rent it for a few hours from a place like Home Depot.
  • Evening gowns/prom dresses.{} Unless you plan on wearing the same chiffon and sequins over and over again.
  • Textbooks.{} New ones can set you back several hundred dollars a piece.{}{} Even tougher to swallow if your college student never opens them.{} Buy used or check out online textbook rental companies like
  • Caskets.{} A little creepy, right?{} But have you seen how expensive funeral are today?{} Budgets Are Sexy says rent a big pretty one for the funeral for a few hundred dollars,{} and then transfer the departed into something more economical for burial.

{}I realize not everyone will agree with that last one. But renting is definitely worth looking into on the others.