Engine Failure Blamed in Crash that Killed Sen. Inhofe's Son

Perry Inhofe

Details on the Nov. 10 plane crash that killed Perry Inhofe, senator Jim Inhofe's son, were revealed in a preliminary report released yesterday by the NTSB. Inhofe was the pilot and only occupant in the twin-engine airplane.According to the report, the plane was set to land in Tulsa when the pilot admitted to air traffic control that he was having control issues as the plane began to swerve left. The pilot notified air traffic control that the left engine had shut down.The swerve left continued and according to radar data the plane made a 360-degree turn before crashing. "During the turn, the landing gear was in the extended position, and one engine propeller appeared not to be rotating," the report stated.The report revealed that the last communication between the pilot and controller was a question from the controller regarding how many people were on board.The flight took off in Salina, Kansas and was en route to Tulsa International Airport. The crash location was in wooded terrain five miles north of Tulsa International Airport.