Reported California Custody Issue Over One-Year-Old Reaches Tulsa

Officers are investigating what was initially reported as an abduction of a one-year-old California boy. The boy's mother said her estranged husband took the boy from a California courthouse, then flew to Arizona and Tulsa.

The father of Colil Morales reportedly has family here.

Tulsa Police confirm they assisted airport police in the investigation after the boy and his father landed in Tulsa. At this time, they believe the matter is more of a custody issue rather than an abduction. They could not comment much further but said the investigation is ongoing.

A journalist in California said the boy's parents had plans to meet at the courthouse Monday. They reportedly did not yet have guidelines in place about where they were allowed to take Morales while he was in their custody. The journalist said his father had custody of him overnight last night.

The boy's mother reportedly has plans to fly to Tulsa soon.

A member of the Morales family states the boy's mother issued a false alert and knew he was visiting family. The family member also said the father is the primary custody holder of the child.