Rescue Workers Describe First Phase of Tornado Aftermath

Moore Tornado Aftermath

Today phase two of rescue and recovery begins in Moore Oklahoma. Rescue workers were able to locate 101 missing people overnight. Most of them were trapped in storm shelters, that might have been covered in the ruble of the storm.

{}Captain A.J. Eagleton joined over Naval reservists from Oklahoma and Texas as they searched through storm ruins, for any sign of victims or survivors.

"We were out there with flashlights in hand, from about midnight to 3 a.m. digging through debris, looking for people, trying to find anyone that may not have made it out," she says some residents refused to come out, not wanting to leave their property. There was no power in Moore, no gas or water. Eagleton says everyone they found was able to walk to safety and they were given medical treatment if needed.

By morning the death toll, which had fluctuated, revealed that 24 people were found dead. 7 of them were children in an elementary school 12 were adults from Moore and 5 people, including a child in Oklahoma City.

First responders say that anyone who had not been underground had a slim chance of survival because of the violent storm.

"When I first showed up on scene and I saw people, walking wounded with parts of sticking things out of their body, what you see on the ground you saw in people yesterday, big nasty hideous wounds," said State Trooper Betsy Randolph.

The Oklahoma City police department had detectives working overnight, trying to help missing families find their loved ones. Detective Dale Sneed describes one frantic family member, "The ones I have talked to have, one of them found his aunt in a hospital. It's an uncle he's looking for and the aunt told him, 'he flew away in the storm.' So he's not expecting to find him alive."

While this is being called a recovery mission at this point, workers are planning to search for hundreds of storm shelters, which are registered with the city, in hopes to find survivors who may be trapped.