Resident to Ask City Council to Reach Out to Satanists

A man is asking the Tulsa City Council to invite satanists to deliver the meetings' weekly invocations.Paul Tay is scheduled for public comment Thursday night. He said the council's weekly prayers are Christian too often. He identifies as a Methodist but said he does not think the council reaches out to satanists or people of other faiths."If the city council is going to allow prayer before the city council meeting, they should allow not just Christians, but also Buddhists, Muslims, Wiccans, Paganists, and certainly Satanists," Tay said.The city council said the weekly invocation is open to all faiths. Anyone is welcome to contact the city council's receptionist to schedule a time to deliver the invocation.This discussion comes as the Supreme Court is examining whether prayer in public meetings is permissible. Channel 8 spoke with several local religious leaders on the matter. They agreed that the topic of prayer in public forums is a complex one.Pastor Deron Spoo at First Baptist Church in Tulsa said we live in a "melting pot culture." He said all people have the right to pray as they choose. He has never delivered the city council's invocation but said he would personally pray in Jesus' name. However, he said if he did not agree with another person's public invocation, he has the choice not to participate or pray in his own way. Spoo said that applies to everyone.Spoo said there is a reason behind beginning decision-making processes with prayer."I think prayer in a public venue at its very best is a symbol of dependence on God, because if you look at history and even those who put together the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they realize that this was something bigger than themselves," Spoo said.Anyone wanting to schedule to deliver the invocation may contact the city council's receptionist at 918-596-1990.
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