Residents Begin Testing After Tuberculosis Reported at McAlester School

Health officials began testing residents in McAlester this week that may have been exposed to Tuberculosis.

At least 40 people have been tested at the Pittsburg County Health Department since Tuesday. This was after news broke that an individual tested positive for TB at the William Gay Early Childhood Center in McAlester.

KTUL was notified Monday that officials with McAlester Public Schools notified parents that their children may have been exposed. No indication was given whether the individual that tested positive was a child or an adult.

"We only had 70 cases of TB in the state last year," Dr. Charles Harvey with the Oklahoma Health Department said. So far, this particular case has not showed signs of spreading.

At this time, no more confirmed cases of TB have been reported for the individuals that were tested. If someone does comes back positive the treatment can typically be a lengthy one.

"Six to nine months of four drugs initially for the first two months and then it's two additional drugs for an additional four to seven months if the organism is susceptible to our first line TB drugs," he said.

Health officials added that everyone tested this week will be tested again in the next three months.