Apartment Residents Jump To Safety During Fire

Kevi Demery jumped to safety during the fire.

An apartment fire forces some residents to jump from a balcony.

The blaze broke out around 3:30am Friday morning at the Autumn Woods complex near 51st and south Utica avenue.

Kevi Demery was staying with a friend on the second floor when he noticed smoke building in the apartment. He and his friend grabbed a couple of things and then jumped to safety from the second-floor balcony.

Demery said he didn't want to mess with the front door since there was smoke and flames right above it, and didn't give his leap another thought.

"Just hope I don't hurt myself trying to do this, and hopefully the person I was with doesn't get hurt either," he said after the fact. "Really blessed to be here right now, I guess I should say."

There's no official word yet what caused the blaze. It appears firefighters were able to keep damage contained to one unit, with smoke and water damage to the unit below it. has heard no other reports of injuries.