Residents Without Water After Water Line Break On Harvard

A number of residents and businesses along North Harvard Avenue near Pine Street have no water as of early Tuesday morning after a large water line burst overnight.

Crews were on the scene around 1:30 a.m. after neighbors called 911, reporting they'd heard a loud boom or explosion.

Water poured into the street from the 30-inch line, flooding the area.

City workers shut off the water and the road was closed until repairs can be made to the line and to the street. Crews will be working throughout the day to repair the line, which is located at 1231 N. Harvard Avenue.

The force of the break severely damaged the median in the street. Harvard Avenue from Pine Street to Easton is currently closed and authorities are urging citizens to avoid the area until the situation is resolved. Crews expect two-lane traffic in the area by Wednesday morning.

City of Tulsa spokesperson Michelle Allen said approximately 70 residents are without water. A water truck is located at 3333 East Newton Street for those who need water.

Repairs are expected to be complete by this evening.