Restaurant Owner Celebrates Veterans Year-Round

One Sapulpa restaurant owner offered free food to veterans for Veterans Day. However, his customers told Channel 8 he celebrates veterans year-round.

Jerry Mortazavi has owned Steak and Eggs for about 17 years with his brother. He built an extension onto his restaurant, which he named Veterans Hall. He displays pictures and news clippings of local veterans, past and present, on its walls.

"I made a Veteran Hall here, because I'm a veteran," said Mortazavi. "I want to appreciate them and tell them we love them, you know?"

Mortazavi is originally from Iran. He served in the Imperial Persian Navy in the Iraqi-Iranian War in 1980. He said he appreciates American veterans for fighting for the freedom that has helped him build successful small businesses in America.

"This country is a great country. You know, everybody that comes from a different country has a better life here," said Mortazavi.

Mortazavi personally knows almost every person displayed on the wall, as many of them are customers.

Most of the veterans enjoying breakfast Sunday told Channel 8 they are regulars at Steak and Eggs and did not necessarily come to be recognized. However, they said they appreciate Mortazavi's wall of honor.

One wife of a veteran told us she feels that her husband is respected there.

The restaurant closes down for the day at 10 p.m., so veterans are encouraged to visit for a meal before then.