Results Return for Unknown Substance Found at Tulsa Jail

Tulsa jail mail room workers discovered an unknown powdery substance in an envelope addressed to an inmate late last month.

According to Major Shannon Clark with the Tulsa jail, around noon workers discovered an envelope within an envelope. Inside the second envelope was a note, written in English and an unknown white, powdery substance.

"The investigators at the jail initially conducted a field tests thinking it was a narcotic, because routinely people try to smuggle in drugs, narcotics and other types of contraband through the U.S. Mail," said Clark.

The test came back inconclusive, so the Tulsa Fire Department's Haz-Mat unit was contacted to assist in the investigation. Further tests did not lead to a definitive conclusion, so the substance has been transported down the turnpike to be tested in Oklahoma City lab.

Test results have since returned and came back negative for any biological chemicals or chemicals that could be detrimental to humans or the environment.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the tests returned inconclusive for what the substance is. Investigators will continue to research what the substance is and the reason for sending the powder.