Retired Okla. State Professor Charged With Sexual Battery, Indecent Exposure

A retired Oklahoma State University professor was charged for indecent exposure and sexual battery after an incident at a campus library.

Retired foreign languages professor Keith Tribble, 66, is being charged after a student studying at a library on campus was encountered with sexual behavior.

According to the affidavit, the student alleges that Tribble walked over to the urinal next to his and began to play with himself in a sexual manner. The student felt uncomfortable and attempted to block his sight, but the affidavit states Tribble placed his hand on the students abdomen in an attempt to pull him away from the urinal.

The student believed Tribble was attempting to look at his genitals so he pushed Tribble's hand away. According to the affidavit, Tribble then told the student "no, don't do that."

As the student attempted to leave, Tribble attempted to touch him again, but was "punched in the arm" after the student told him no.

The incident was reported in May and charges were filed on June 30.

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