Has Richard Roberts Moved to California?

"Hi everybody, welcome to The Place for Miracles," says Richard Roberts at the beginning of his show.

For years that place for the show was located here in Tulsa, most recently at the now vacant building near I-44 and Sheridan, but a sign says the association has moved across the street. And sure enough the staff are cordial, even when they give you a no comment when you ask if Richard Roberts and the show have moved to California.

"I know he's been taping out there for about a year," said Bishop Carlton Pearson reflecting on why the Roberts may have relocated.

"It was not going to be good for Richard in Tulsa," he said.

For starters he says, there was the scandal at ORU.

"Well, first he lost his inheritance, and ORU was his inheritance, and that was humiliating and insulting and almost ministerially debilitating. It shut him down," he said.

Then he says, there was the arrest for a DUI.

"I think after the DUI, that kind of clinched it, that he needed to, it would be better to move away," he said.

The home at his time of arrest, up for sale, for just under $2 million. And while the show may now be produced in the Golden state, it still has piece of T-town in it.

"The number to call is 918," says Roberts in his program.

The prayer line is still staffed here, according to a woman who answered the line. But as for the hosts, Tulsa, it appears, was no longer their place for miracles.

"It's like being at the scene of the crime and trying to build a ministry or monument, it's not going to work," said Pearson.