Road Construction Will Stop For Tulsa State Fair

You may be frustrated with road construction around town. Get ready, some of those projects will go on hiatus, as the city preps for upcoming events and the busiest shopping season of the year.

The Tulsa State Fair starts in two weeks, as promised. The construction on Yale Avenue will shut down, as carnival rides open up.

Tulsa is spending $4.8 million dollars rehabbing Yale from 21st to 31st. Crews will smooth out the road, which has been riddled with bumps and potholes.

But in just a matter of 2 weeks or less, much of the roadway will be new again, roadblocks pulled away.

You. and your family will have a clear path to the state fair, as the contract specifies.

The road will be completely opened from the fair, through the New Year because of holiday shopping.

City leaders see the value in paving the way for Tulsans to spend money and generate sales tax revenues.

"It goes both ways. We don't want them being effected as we can, try to limit that and same thing is sales tax, what the city runs off," explained

Phase one of the project will be done by September 25, the day before the fair opens. Crews will work on the remainder of the road after January 1st.