Rogers County Residents Begin Signing Process of Grand Jury Petition

Voters in Rogers County will decide if a grand jury should investigate six of their county leaders. A Grady County judge gave the go-ahead for a petition drive on Thursday. Saturday morning, dozens of people lined up to sign their names.

"I have some concerns about some of our government," Rogers County resident Alger Flood said, "If you are asking questions about how money is spent, transactions, I think the more questions you ask, the better information you get, and the better decision you make."

Six Rogers County residents filed the petition, and they said doing the right thing is why they start this journey.

"Just as a resident of Rogers County and being in public service, I just started seeing things, and as I was looking at them, there is right and wrong, and I believe that what we are attempting to do is on the right side of the things," petitioner Steve Cox said.

Cox said if these officials aren't hiding anything, they shouldn't be worried about this grand jury petition. Residents like the idea of knowing what's happening in their community.

"I think this is hands-on government right here. I have been attending the commissioners meetings since last June, and it's been an educational process. You don't really realize how much power they have in the county," Flood said.

There are still a lot signatures to get, but with the turn out Saturday, Cox said he isn't as worried.

"Just one small step in the big picture. We have a long way to go. I will be more excited after our signatures are certified," Cox said.

Several residents took petition forms to get filled out, and the petitioners will be out at local events gathering signatures. They now have 43 days, to get more than 4,000 signatures.