Rogers County Commissioner Sparks Talks About Neglected Properties

A Rogers County Commissioner is hoping to launch discussion on the need to clean up abandoned or burned homes and serious overgrowth.

Commissioner Kirt Thacker explained that municipalities with 15,000 people or more are accountable to their city halls when it comes to property complaints. However, he said he receives many phone calls from Rogers County residents regarding other areas in the county, like Inola or Catoosa. He said there is next to nothing that he can do to enforce well-maintained homes. He said he knows of a lawn in Inola that has not been mowed in 11 years.

Thacker said abandoned or neglected areas can be a safety hazard, regarding children that may play in them, the risk of fire, and more. He said sparking discussions could conceivably lead to a law change that would give the county more authority to enforce well-maintained properties.

"It would be very nice if everyone could keep their places up," said Rogers County resident Lavern Jordan.

Another Rogers County resident agreed.

"Because that way it keeps bugs and snakes, and all that away, and it makes it look better," said resident Lisa Gillum.

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